Sunday, 21 March 2010

Triangles are so in.

So Jake's doing a zine about them. Typical. Obviously I tried to break the mold. But in doing so did something completely standard and just cliche of myself. I'm going to make a new blog titled 'justabeatlesfan'. Watch this space.

Fuck Off...

Magic powers and quote courtosy of Mr. Prendergast.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

...Likes this Sticker.

Now facebook can be in real life too. A sticker sheet to cut out and keep. Right click>Save As. Print it out on a sticker sheet or print it on a laserjet printer and then wheatpaste it onto things you like. Don't forget your name and your comment...

Sorry Blog.

Sorry blog. You have been good to me, I'll never neglect you again. (probably). Here's some stuff from my project looking at ancient egypt. I'll post the final piece when I take pictures. I haven't showed my mummy yet. 'lol'.